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The Linz-Donawitz-process (LD-process) is a ld-process for carbon elimination, thus for steelmaking by transformation of carbon-rich pig iron in carbon-poor steel.

The LD-process was invented in Austria in the year 1952 at the VOEST ALPINE STEEL AG and replaced the before usual siemens-martin process and Thomas process. LD stands for Linz and Donawitz. With the LD-process approx. 60% of world rawsteel production are manufactured.

With the LD-process becomes a converter, which feeds LD-converters so mentioned, with liquid pig iron and scrap iron or sponge iron. Afterwards oxygen is blown by an extendable water-cooled oxygen lance on the iron smelt. The violently using burn (oxidation) the iron companion provides for a Durchwirbelung of the melt. For better mixing argon is injected by nozzles over the soil. During the fresh process the contents constantly decrease from carbon, silicon, manganese and phosphorus. The blowing duration amounts to between 10 and 20 minutes and is in such a way selected that the desired decarburisation and the burn of the unwanted admixtures are reached. The burned iron companions escape from lime in the liquid cinder, added through now, as gases or are bound.

Depending upon kind of the steel which can be produced also alloy materials can be added at the end of the carbon elimination. Afterwards first the cinder is poured off and cut then the steel bath with a temperature of more than 1600"°C into a pan and supplied to a secondarymetallurgical treatment.

The max. converter size is 300 tons.

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