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A lightning bang set (UC, often "Flash") consists of reaction-joyful metallic powders (as fuels) and oxidizing agents, additionally catalysts or sensitizing substances can be contained. In practice above all a mixture from Kaliumperchlorat and very fine aluminum powder (Dark aluminium) is usual, it is considered as high-energy and nevertheless insensitive. Alternatively also magnesium powders are used as fuel, as well as various nitrate and chlorates as oxidizing agents. Because of the higher sensitivity of these mixtures however rather in countries with large tradition in pyrotechnics and weaker legal editions.

It burns quantities from 100-200g with extremely high reaction rate and kannab to ignition from Deflagration to detonation ignoring. Bright, named-giving lightning is characteristic with the reaction of the powder develops, is caused this by the metals taken part in the reaction, by the selection of certain metals can on the basis its spectra on the color influence be taken. In pyrotechnics a small insulation of the powder for a "full" bang, there the bang-producing positive pressure not through with the reaction, hands developing gases but by a heating of the circulating air is essentially produced contrary to black powders. Thus is in on one side open one sucked. Bird or star fright only a quantity of 0.8g BKS.Trotzdem can tear such a cartridge off several fingers exploding in the hand.

German fireworks articles of the fireworks class 1 and 2 may not do due to its danger lightning-bang-corrode (UC) to contain. In other countries however frequently fireworks articles with Blitzpulver/Flash are sold. Admits particularly are from the media fire work from east of you Grandpa, which against the common reporting UC, called and not industrial explosive, contain. To call are also bang bodies freely for sale made of Austria, Switzerland, France and Belgium, which were produced partly in Germany for the export.

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