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A light comb is a small, handy UV irradiator and serves for the treatment of skin diseases. This concerns a small electrical appliance with a UV light lamp whereby the light by a essay outward penetrates. With it the skin can be treated very goal-exactly. Dependent on the used UV emitter (UV-A or UV-B) gives it different areas of application. The light comb is suitable by its form particularly well for the treatment of the scalp, since the comb essay leads UV light by the hair, so that that can penetrate UV light up to the Kopfhhaut.

Indications with UV-A-emitters

  • Neurodermitis
  • Acne

Indications with UV-B-311-nm-Strahlern

  • Psoriasis (capitis)
  • Vitiligo
  • Alopecia areata

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