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Dr. rer. pole. Liesel Beckmann (*28. October 1914, "† 22 July 1965) was Professorin for management economics and the first Mrs. Deutschlands with own chair for this subject.


Beckmann put 1933 down their Abitur and studied afterwards political economy at the University of Bonn which it 1937 with diploma locked. Subsequently, it was active as a scientific female assistant Karl One year later attained a doctorate it to the Dr. rer. pole. with task, development, kind and transformation of the handicraft promotion likewise in Bonn and was afterwards scientific female assistant at economical Institut of the TH Munich. Their cooperation began with German Handwerkinstitut which at the same time up to the end of the Second World War lasts sollte.1939 received it to the TH a training order and habilitierte one year later for management economics of the handicraft and the cooperative with the position of the handicraft in the Betriebswirtschaftslehre.1941 the full professor of the TH Munich as the military service was appointed and therefore took over Beckmann the task kommissarisch. Although it further lectures in Munich gave became it 1943 also kommissarisch Ordaniaria of the Handelshochschule king mountain. 1946 were appointed it as the unscheduled extraordinary Professur to the TH Munich. The kommissarische agency of the tidy Professur of the management economics in the state-scientific faculty of the University of Munich took over it one year later. 1949 were it for a half year for study purposes in the USA. Further them became 1949 the deputy scientific chief of the German institute for handicraft Munich under Karl Friedrich and one year later were already them there deputy Vorstandsvorsitzende.1952 were them than representative of the voter community resident of Munich block in the town councillor received them the call to an extraordinary chair for management economics at the University of Munich. Three years after the appointment as the tidy took place. Chairman of the executive committee of the German institute for handicraft became it 1959. The international conference handicraft and EEC was held 1961 on it to endeavor and stood under its line.


  • German Handwerksinstitut
  • Advisory board for care of the sciences and universities with the school paper Munich
  • Kuratorium of the people's highschool Munich
  • Bavarian working group for space research and regional planning
  • Aufsichtsratsmitglie residents of Munich of the association
  • and chairman of the adviser of the economical Karl combination
  • Rencontres de St. Gall a working group of trade scientists for the international change


  • The economical financing, 1949
  • Establishment, transformation, fusion, reorganization, Wiesbaden 1961
  • Introduction to industrial company economics, Stuttgart 1961


  • Karl Friedrich Liesel Beckmann, 28.10.1914-22.7.1965, ZfhF 1966, P. 74-78

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