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Liero is a computer game for DOS. It was created 1998 by the Finnish programmer Joosa Riekkinen. The play often described as real time version of Worms or also as 2D-Version von Quake.

A goal of the play

In the play two worms in an underground landscape from earth and stones fight each other. Each worm had a freely selectable weapon pallet with which it tries its opponent to kill. By of cannons, mines, mg, shells, etc. caused explosions the earth is eroded with the time "", until only stones are present finally. By the employment "of the Ninja Rope" one can swing during combat from stone to stone over into a strategically better position to arrive or around the hostile attacks evade. By the a collecting of ammunition crates the player can come during the fight to new weapons or first aid packages. A worm dies, if the opponent so often met it that its complete "life energy used". Won the player, who so often kills its contractor, specified like before.


One can change assistance of various programs such as LieroKit (weapon editor) and Wormhole (level editor) to a large extent on very simple the wise play.

The play can be played too secondly or against the computer and frequently as a real time - (i.e. not round) Worms or 2D - Quake is described. Liero is the Finnish word for worm.

Numerous Liero clone for Linux and Windows exists, for example to LieroX--> Haupseite, Gusanos, Wurmz and Nile.

Liero under Windows XP

In order to play Liero under Windows XP, one must provide a linkage of the main file (mostly Liero.exe). In the characteristics one gives program" to this linkage then simply in the rider "behind the "command line: " "a /n" (without quotation marks). Example: Command line: C:\Spiele\Liero\Liero.exe /n. However one has then no sound.

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