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The LIDL donation & CO. Kg is active important market participant of the food retail trade and as international enterprise with independent national companies in completely Europe. Lidl is black a part that entrepreneurial group with seat in Neckarsulm.



The entrepreneur Dieter black (* 24 September 1939) made one from LIDL the largest and most successful Discounter in Germany and Europe. The beginnings of the company LIDL go back into the 30's, when the enterprise in the Swabian of Josef black was created as LIDL & black food assortment wholesale business. In the year 1944 this is destroyed, the reconstruction succeeds within ten Jahren.In the 70's open Josefs son Dieter black its first Discountermarkt in Ludwigshafen. Its father Josef black held much from the simple cheap shops to Aldi sample and did not want partout not that they were called exactly the same like its fruit wholesale businesses. In order not to have to write black market over the shop door, Dieter black bought and retired occupation school teacher Ludwig LIDL for 1000 DM the rights of the use of a name from the Ludwigshafener painter and secured themselves so the use of his imported mark. Since that time the of Dieter is called LIDL markets black. When its father Josef black died in the year 1977, Dieter had a network of approximately 30 LIDL branches. It sold the paternal wholesale to the Metro and reorganized its group of firms. Later the activities divided into the range of the Discount under the company name LIDL as well as the range of the self-service department stores and consumer markets such as purchase country and commercial yard. The purchase land's group ranks among the prominent food trade enterprises in Germany. She is also over 600 markets in Germany, Tschechien, who Slowakei represent as well as in Poland, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The self-service department stores and consumer markets firmieren under "purchase country ", "commercial yard" and "purchase market ". With the retreat from the management in the year 1999 Dieter black transferred his portion taxsaving to the non-profit Dieter black donation GmbH, whose purpose is among other things the promotion of science and research, art and culture.


In the German Lidl branches an assortment selection is offered by over 1.400 different articles. To it belong an extensive offer at dairy products, frozen food, Wurstwaren, fresh meat, fresh poultry, daily fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a versatile bread assortment. Bio fruit is completely new and - vegetables as well as freshfish-weekly changing action articles from the ranges textiles, household, electrical, play and spare time supplement the Lidl assortment.

Conversion & coworker

The Discounter possesses about 2600 branches in Germany (to it the self-service department stores purchase country and commercial yard, which belong to the purchase land donation, do not count which under the roof of the black's group are likewise settled). The gross income of the group for 2004 amounts to according to own data concerning 36 billion euro; the number of the coworkers is with approximately 80,000 (estimation for 2004:35 billions euro conversion).


Similarly as ALDI LIDL gives few information in own thing to price. In the industry LIDL applies however as particularly aggressive. Owing to its market power the enterprise succeeds in constantly pressing supplier prices. Also in trade union circles like for example with ver.di LIDL is very disputed. The trade union deplores that the enterprise prevents systematically the formation of work councils or with branch locking threatens. In addition the work times in the contracts are co-ordinated exactly with the opening times of the branches - therefore necessary pre and remachining are not paid. In some markets cashiers are supervised by camera without their knowledge.

2004 received the Big bread ago to LIDL Award 2004 in the category working sphere for "almost sklavenhalterischen handling their woman employees and coworkers ".

In May 2005 LIDL shark fish steak introduced into its assortment. Only few days later the food company gave however well-known to take the steaks to the offer and only the already existing commodity abzuverkaufen. The criticism of several animal and nature protection organizations was substantial. Thus LIDL would have promoted the further destruction of the ecological system of seas according to opinion of the critics "with its thoughtless action ".

In August 2005 the globalization-critical Attac network began with a campaign against the work and production conditions of the Discounters. To the prelude Attac Aktivisten rose to the roof of a LIDL supermarket and left a transparency with the label "stop Dumping! LIDL is not to be approved of!" down.

In September 2005 LIDL turned out again into the headlines: In the summer Lidl announced 2005 to close a branch in Calw. According to Lidl the Filale, like some different one, should be closed, because she did not correspond to no more the enterprise concept. One offered to the coworkers to take in other markets a job. The recent work council of the branch assumed however, supported from the trade union ver.di, a connection with the presence of the work council and obtained therefore a provisional order before the labor court Pforzheim to keep with the goal, the branch opened so long until the parties would have obtained one "interest rush equal". On 1 October 2005 the company closed the branch, which ranked among to the bathe nevertheless. On 4 October 2005 however was ordered that the branch must be opened again, otherwise threaten an obligation money of 250.000 euro per day. The branch remained actually further closed, the coworkers in other branches was used.

LIDL granted 2005 to a lady journalist of the newest ones of Baden message a view of the enterprise. The article of the lady journalist following on it releases however no well-being favour with the LIDL guidance. Under reference to the indicator announcements of LIDL in this newspaper, twice accomplished per week, the management of the sheet is in-ordered by LIDL. The newspaper quit first because of offence against the so-called tendency requirement the position to the critical lady journalist. After a discussion due to the medium echo the notice was probably waived later.

At present a shortening of the salary for trainees is in the discussion with LIDL, like however also in other enterprises. At the same time the enterprise starts a new training campaign.

Investigations and tests of Greenpeace have devoted that of LIDL sold fruit and vegetable, partly even the legal limit value are strongly pestizidbelastet are exceeded. The enterprise contradicts the reproaches of Greenpeace.

In the context of the protests against LIDL an arson attack of the militant group (mg) took place against a new building of the LIDL company in Berlin at the night to 10 January 2005.

Black book

The service trade union ver.di published "a black book on 10 December 2004 (the day of the human rights) "over LIDL, which is to document the treatment beneath human dignity of the coworkers.

From the table of contents:

  • Didactic drama Unna: As one establishments of work council systematically prevents
  • The completely normal insanity: Shop assistant with LIDL
  • During the construction of grounds for giving notice LIDL and purchase country are not zimperlich
  • Interview: "I would have signed my death sentence in this situation even "
  • Also high-level personnel does not remain ungeschoren

Dieter black donation

A goal of the Dieter black donation is "the promotion of science and research, art and culture ". This shows up among other things by capital commitment in form of a Stiftungsprofessur at the vocational academy MOS brook and by scholarships and other funds in Heilbronns Business School.

== sources ==

See also

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