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The law over the general liberality of union citizens - regulates the stay of the union citizens and their relatives again as article 2 on 1 January 2005 into force stepped Zuwanderungsgesetzes.

Base data
Full title:Law over the general liberality of union citizens
Shortened title:
Kind:Federal law
Area of application:Federal Republic of Germany
Right subject:Administrative law
Date of the law:30. July 2004 (BGBl. I P. 1950, 1986)
The entry into force to:1. January 2005
Last change through:Kind 25 G from 21 June 2005 (BGBl. I P. 1818)
The entry into force that-last change: 1)1. July 2005 (kind 137 G from 21 June 2005)
1) Please you consider the reference to the valid law version!

The liberality right of union citizens is again regulated in the guideline 2004/38/EG from 29 April 2004. It regulates the entry and the stay of citizens of other member states of the European union (union citizen) and its relatives ("§ 1

In principle union citizens have search for employment, professional training, independence a right to liberality when being present certain conditions, as for example. The same applies also to their relatives ("§ 2

Liberality-entitled union citizens receive a certificate of liberality, which documents the unlimited right to residence ("§ 5

Under certain conditions also an liberality-entitled union citizen can lose the right to entry and stay. A classification may however only for reasons of the public order, security or health takes place ("§ 6

"§ a penalty clause for offences by the bad entry or the bad stay contains 9 in the Federal Republic of Germany. The is thereby part of the Nebenstrafrechts.


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