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Lettmann is a Kanuhersteller in Moers since 1965. The family business has from the first generation with Klaus Lettmann (* 1939) and wife Anne Lettmann to the children yokes Lettmann (* 1969) and Martina Hoyer Lettmann hand over. Enterprise founder Klaus Lettmann was 1963 crew world champions in the game water departure, and its son yokes Lettmann repeated German master, European and world champion in the Kanu slalom, which won bronze medal in this discipline with the olympic plays 1992 in Barcelona. Lettmann produces its Polyethylenkajaks in the rotation sinter procedure and its laminated boats with the vacuum infiltrating procedure. With this manufacturing method first dry fabrics are inserted into a boat form. Afterwards air from the form is evacuated by setting a vacuum, and afterwards takes place the supply of the special resin, which winds itself because of the enormous negative pressure by all capillaries of the fabrics. The technically complex process applies in relation to conventional laminating procedures as environmentalcareful, since the work areas are almost solvent-free now. The so-called Ergonompaddel is also an invention from Moers, which was often copied in the meantime. Lettman is one few the manufacturer, that covers the entire spectrum of the Kanusports except folding boats nearly. Lettmann builds Wildwasserkajaks, Wanderkajaks, Canadier, match boats of slalom over Polo up to the olympic Sprint. However the building was reduced by the competition from Eastern Europe by Slalombooten. Lettmann is also importer for Riot Kajaks and Nookie accessories.

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