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Learning aid liberty or also teaching material liberty means that articles are made available in educational facilities, above all school books in addition, other things such as free of charge. The learning aid liberty decreases/goes back on demands of 1848, when one wanted to make education possible independently of the income of parents.

In Germany generally a large learning aid liberty exists in some countries. It is not embodied partly even in the national condition, in other Lands of the Federal Republic. If no learning aid liberty exists, normally - approximately by book bazaars between the different class stages - is tried to give a favorable possibility for the acquisition of books also used. Socially weak one is supported. The acquisition of new learning aids can cost several hundred euro per year. The abolishment of the learning aid liberty is often discussed for the lowering of the indebtedness, criticized on the other hand however, since it meets above all financially weak one and education as one of most important resources of Germany is regarded. As argument against the learning aid liberty it is stated that bought articles are better treated and the pupils normally newer materials receive.

In Bavaria the teaching material liberty does not have an express condition rank, it is however nevertheless called: "Instruction at these schools (=Volks and vocational schools) is free. "(Kind 129 exp. 2 BV) the teaching material liberty is legally furnished for school books, on the other hand must be bought except booklets and write things also Atlases, pocket calculators and some different one by the pupil (and/or its parents). For the papers a copying money is required annually. Raised with beginning of the school year 2005/06 for the supply from school books however - except of as can be prove particularly needy families - a so-called book money at a value of 20 "€ at primary schools and 40 "€ at resuming schools (thus starting from the fourth class), however only for at the most two children per family. By the political opponent and of except-political groups, which are concerned with the education, this measure was criticized as abolishment of the teaching material liberty.

Each Bavarian pupil keeps an expenditure of the Basic Law and the Bavarian condition given during the school time, which represents a constitutional right (kind 188 BV).

In North Rhine-Westphalia the new Landesgesetz of the CDU/FDP federal state government the learning aid liberty for Hartz iv-receiver is receiver inside abolished and.

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