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Lead composition is a method for the production of pressures, with which originally individual type characters (single letters, poured from a lead tin antimony alloy) were built up to a print. After the casting the print can again be used again into its individual parts divided ("put down ") and the type characters. The latter goes naturally only with the single type character set (hand or mono type), not however with the set as it with the linotype or Ludlow casting machine to application comes. The line casting is again melted after the use and again poured.

The basis for this technology was created around 1440 by Johannes good mountain, that the pressure with mobile type characters or, after the good mountain bio count Andreas Venzke, which "mobile type character pressure invented ". A fast Schriftsetzer created in the Handsatz up to 1500 indications per hour.

One differentiates the Handsatz - the oldest form, which disappeared to a large extent only into the 1970er years - and the set, to be again further subdivided can with respect to line casting set (e.g. Linotype, Ludlow, Typograph) and single letter set (e.g. Mono type). With the typengiessmaschinen excluding the lines is still implemented and/or after-corrected by hand. With zeilengiessmaschinen the incorrect line must again be poured off. Exclusion and formatting take place already in the first sentence step and are not not manually after correctable. Later also these were replaced by newer sentence techniques, the computer typesetting.

Many of the typographic terms and rules from the time of the lead composition are also today still valid and even to the Desktop Publishing were transferred.

See also: Typografie, fly head, typographic computer, sentence board, sentence normally open contact, setting box, standing sentence (Stehsatz), run width, Winkelhaken

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