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The Laurel run dam with Johnstown in Pennsylvania, the USA fallow on 20 July 1977 around 2:35 clock by the disaster 39 or 40 humans died and it gave a damage to property of 20-45 millions US $.

The 16 years old dam from earth granular material was 12.8 m highly; the artificial lake was 8.9 hectares largely and seized 555,000 m

The cause of the damage was flooding with a heavy tempest, whereby the earth dam was away-rinsed. Since the misfortune happened at night, humans in that 5 km are enough confine valley underneath the dam in the sleep surprised, and there were no warnings. Six houses were destroyed and damaged 19.

On the same day also built Sandy run dam broke the 1914, whereby there were five dead ones, and five further Talsperren.Die Sandy run dam was 8.5 m high and seized 57,000 m

In Pennsylvania there were so far still two further dam disasters, i.e.:

  • South Fork dam (1864)
  • Austin dam (1911)

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