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The land advice is a head office civil servant and organ of a German district or circle. In many German Lands of the Federal Republic "the land advice" is also the designation of the authority led by it, the district administration. In South Germany is instead the designation district administration office usual.

In Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia the director of upper circle Hauptverwaltungsbeamter was, the honorary land advice took only representative tasks truely after old legal situation ("double-railedness so mentioned" or "double head"). The changed circle order in North-Rhine/Westphalia planned that starting from the local election 1999 the land advice should be full-time polling clerks and concomitantly head office officials. However the possibility was granted to the circles of making this conversion starting from 1994 and of letting the land advice select then until 1999 of the Kreistag. The land advice is selected since 1999 for five years directly by the people. If it separates prematurely, a land council election takes place, whereby the term of office lasts then up to the end of the next local election period, i.e. longer than five years. In Lower Saxony starting from 1996 the double head was likewise abolished.

The land advice leads the meetings of the Kreistages, notices the agency of the circle and/or district, implements the resolutions of the Kreistages and settles the business of the current administration. In North Rhine-Westphalia the land advice is in the way organ-borrows at the same time boss of the circle police authority.

Depending upon Land of the Federal Republic further/other tasks are incumbent on it.

The administrative boss of the region Hanover in Lower Saxony, selected by the citizens, carries the office designation region president. Its tasks are comparable with a land advice.

In Austria there are no land advice, since there are also no districts. The comparable area in Austria is the district, which is however excluding an administrative unit and not had democratic committees. The district captain shank with the district captain at the point fulfills the tasks of the national part of the German district administration office, accordingly comes to the district captain (however contrary to the land advice one does not select) into for instance the tasks of the land advice in the national part.

In Switzerland there are no land advice likewise, since the institution district is likewise missing. The names for the management level between canton (corresponds to the Land of the Federal Republic in Germany and Austria) and municipality are practically in each canton different; are frequent office, office district or district. Usually this management level is weaker and but the autonomy of the municipality in relation to the canton larger in Switzerland than in Germany or Austria, but is considerable the differences between the cantons. In several cantons these offices or districts are usually administered by a particular, directly selected municipal authorities, which leads the title Regierungstatthalter, office governor or similarly. This municipal authorities have partially also still judikative authority (only within the range of the public right) apart from executives, administratively are subordinated it to the government of the canton concerned, and in relation to the municipalities of its office it has certain supervision rights and - obligations.

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