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The presentation of a new concept in the year 1984

The Lancia topic with the internal designation Y9 saw the light of the world in the year 1984. This vehicle should replace into the years the gekommenden Lancia beta and at the same time cover the upper class segment, which was reserved so far the Lancia gamma.

The consideration regarding a common unit concept between Saab and Lancia should promise success. The result was so promising that FIATS and Alfa Romeo decided in this project to likewise take part. The concept developed in such a way was naturally developed for the vehicles Saab 9000, Fiat Croma, Alfa Romeo 164 and for the new Lancia topic. The Design of the body came from Maestro Giorgetto Giugiaro and his company Italdesign.Der in October 1984 presented Lancia topic had first a double cam engine with 2 litres capacity. This engine worked satisfactorily in the beta series over many years. The former Ferrari technical designer Aurelio Lampredi already developed the basis of this machine in the 60's. The reliability and successes in the engine haven gave one-special value in engine production to this machine.

The achievement amounted to first in the Lancia topic 120 HP. The quiet running of this 4 cylinder was remarkable. Responsible for this starting from 1986 the Lanchester technology used in this engine was. 2 balance waves, itself successfully in the engine mount moving in opposite directions with double crankshaft revolution therefore endeavored to reduce the engine vibrations. The engine had relatively easy with the weight of 1120kg, very small for this class, play for extraordinary road performances ensured later the 2 litres engine with turbo-loading and 165 HP.

Around the prestige of firm history to become again fair for the Lancia topic a V6 engine was put at the disposal. It concerned however here not around its own development, but the so-called euro-engine. A V6 engine, like it into some Renault, was inserted Peugeot and Volvo with 2.8 litres capacity and a cylinder angle of 90 degrees. Followed a turbo-Diesel, which due to more favorable values consumed and rising Spritpreisen should promise increasing paragraph numbers in the 80's. "Nuovo" the Lancia topic of the 2. Series was not only optically refurbished. Technical innovations followed like the 4-Ventiltechnik.Die laterally attached turn signal sat now under the headlights and the radiator grille more pronouncedly into the front were integrated. The interior won clearly by inserts from genuine African rose wood in the center console and in the doors at luxury.

Lancia topic 8,32 - co-operation between Lancia and Ferrari

The close solidarity between Ferrari and Lancia pulls itself by entire Italian automobile history and led in the year 1986 to a result. The Lancia topic 8,32 with 8 cylinders an engine from Maranello should become a sensation. The engine originated from the Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalvole - (8 cylinders and 32 valves). For the employment in the Lancia topic was strongly revised this engine. It should become fair the employment in a sedan. Enzo Ferrari did not give however its consent to this Lancia under "Lancia Ferrari" to marked out. Outwardly this Lancia topic at the radiator grille manufactured from aluminum and the 5-Stern rims differed in Ferrari Design. A yellow Zierstreifen at height of the belt line and the characteristic a tail wing electrically from the trunk lid starting from a certain speed to drive out to be able, proved this Lancia as the Topmodell of this series. In the interior a pronounced luxury prevailed. Leathers of Poltrona Mrs. and noble Wurzelholz were wastefully processed. The ex-factory price of a Lancia topic 8,32 was with 86.000DM (1. Series) and 110.000DM (2. Series).

The latter 3. Series was provided again with technical innovations. The well-known 3 litre of V6 from the Alfa shelf became run-calmer for the employment in the Lancia topic by smaller manufacturing tolerances. A VIS (variable Induction system) the improvement of the torque process in the lower speed range became in the 3. Series imported. In the length variable suction ports made this advantage possible.

This very successful model gave again an important value in the production of upper class sedans to Lancia.

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