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The Lancia Stratos is an automobile of the company Lancia. The Ur-Stratos, with the designation Stratos 0, was already sketched in the year 1970 as futuristic prototype of the Italian designer Nuccio Bertone. As birth aids of the Stratos ' the Lancia Sportchef at that time Cesare Fiorio and Rallye Werksfahrer Sandro Munari can be regarded - for the sophisticated technology however the name of the highly gifted Britisher Mike Parkes behind the entire autohaven project Lancia Stratos HF stands.

Presentation 1970 in Turin

1970 were presented the prototype of the Lancia Stratos ' on the autosalon in Turin. The Turiner exhibit carried the four-cylinder engine of the Lancia Fulvia under the hood. Inspired by this study developed Lancia a sports car, for the Ferrari the engine of the Dino 246 GT made available, since one did not have sporty ambitions with this engine more. In the road version (with 2,4 l capacity and a 12-Ventil-Zylinderkopf) it carried 190 HP out and accelerated the body from glass-fiber reinforced plastic on 248 km/h. Into 6.8 seconds the car drove from 0 to 100 km/h. In Rallye execution (group 4) and equipped with a 24-Ventil-Zylinderkopf ordered the Stratos then over more than 300 HP, - with the giro d'Italia (rather running as a Rallye) Markku is to have driven 1978 even 420 HP a strong Stratos to the victory. In racing Rallycross drove the Austrian Andy Bentza (GT-division-champion 1978) until far into the 1980er inside with the only Stratos, which a 3-Liter-Triebwerk (owing to a prototype crankshaft of the Lancia Werksteams) has. The car is also today still in Bentzas possession. This Gruppe-5-Special had been originally driven by its compatriot and team colleague Franz Wurz, which won thereby 1976 the FIA Rallycross EM. However the father of Formel-1-Pilot Alexander Wurz had only for the year 1977 (here only the 6. Total rank into the RX-EM) the capacity-increased and torque-strong engine with approximately 320 HP von Mike Parkes receive.

Success in the Rallye sport and on the road

The Stratos was the first exclusively vehicle conceived for the use in the Rallye sport. It was there an unusually long time extremely successful. Nothing the defiance arrived the majority of the cars in rather civilian opening as "Stradale" at the road. Only 481 vehicles (Lancia spoke of "approximately 600 units") were built, exactly 400 pieces of it were compellingly necessary for the Gruppe-4-Homologation of the FIA. Nowadays one must pay the last new vehicles for this rare piece of collecting tank of 100,000 and more euro, is to hearing to in Germany for less than 15,000 DM over the shop bar to have gone.

RH interpretation of the Stratos ' in the year 2005

Since the rights of the use of a name for the Stratos, which are with Lancia, ran out meanwhile and the model row were not resumed, to have itself some Stratos fans and - collecting tanks to the task posed to bring a trailblazing new interpretation of the legendary racing car on the road. This was introduced in the year 2005 in Geneva and received an overwhelming world-wide press resonance.

According to rumors even Fiat chairman of the board Luca di Montezemolo visited the exhibition booth. He is to have asked: "Why is there no Lancia badge Apart from these rumors it becomes ever more probable that by the new edition 150 vehicles in small series are produced. The series vehicle is to be presented on the automobile fair of Paris in the year 2006.

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