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Grubiger Milchling
:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Aussensporer (Hymenomycetidae)
: (Russulaceae)
:Milchlinge and Reizker (Lactarius)
:Grubiger Milchling (Lactarius scrobiculatus)

The grubige Milchling belonged to the family of the Russulaceae and is considered as toadstool. There is the danger, it with its enjoyable relatives, the salmon Reizker (Lactarius salmonicolor), to confound.

Short description

  • Hat: It is broad between 6cm and 25cm and develops from curved too It has a dark-yellow Frabe and shines on the surface.
  • Handle: He can get a length from 3cm to 8cm, is approx. 3cm thickly, hollow and white-yellow with darker marks.
  • Meat: Is considerable and the milk discolours after after withdrawal of white sulfur yellow.
  • Lamellas: They are yellowish and run down somewhat.
  • Sporen: They are ellipsoid and ornamentiert, have a size of approx. on and are ocher colors.


They occur usually in groups in spruce forests and particularly on lime soils. To find this mushroom is in the summer and Herbst.Er is by the alps until Northern Europe (rare) common.

Symptom of intoxication

As poison here terpenoide substances are e.g. considered, like the Necatoron.

The latency amounts to between 1/2 and 3 hours.

After consumption of this mushroom stomach intestine complaints arise.

see also

Mushroom poisoning => gastrointestinal syndrome.


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