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Laban (arab: , speak: ) is a milk acidified with certain bacteria, which was made in this way more durable. Laban is made of the milk by cows, camels, sheep and goats.

Laban is an important part of the Middle East nutrition. Particularly on the Arab peninsula and in the countries Iraq, Syria, Jordanian one, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt are Laban contrary to fresh milk much like. Particularly with the Beduinen Laban is very important. The Turkish Ayran resembles the Laban.

In Saudi Arabia Laban is the furthest common milk product. It becomes usually without further preparation verzehrt. Laban with chocolate taste could not become generally accepted contrary to preparing with fruits on the market. Laban from milk powder is successfully marketed.

Laban can be produced in approximately three to four hours from a few spoons already finished Laban. One stirs the Laban into lukewarm milk and keeps these then kept at a moderate temperature. Similarly as with the yogurt or the thick milk the lactic acid bacteria and it increase develop a larger quantity of Laban.

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