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Construction period:approx. 1960 - 1976
Height over foundation bed:237 m
Memory space:815 millions m
Water surface with full back-up:12.28 km
Dam volume:11.483.000 m
Crown length:310 m
Calculation flood:10,600 m /s
Power station achievement:1000 MW

The dam La Esmeralda (also Chivor dam called) is a dam at the river in Colombia. The artificial lake is appropriate for about 200 km with the places Santa Maria and Tunja in the district in north Colombia northeast from

The dam has 237 m a high one the highest earth. She was built for generation of current (Chivor Hydroelectric Project) and carries with five turbines 1000 MW out. The power station is appropriate for 30 km underneath the dam and is to have a head of 1000 m. A tenth of the power requirement of Colombia is produced by this hydro-electric power plant. In addition the dam serves the irrigation and the water supply of the surrounding cities and municipalities. Owner is the Empresa de Bogot (EEB).

The dam is approximately the eight-highest of the earth, and after the height of all existing dams (with concrete dams) it ranks for instance at place 15.

The construction period is indicated in other place also as 1977 to 1980. Further deviating data are: Height: 220 m, length: 800 m, water surface: 10,000 hectares, memory space: 758 millions m calculation flood (efficiency of the flood discharge): 11,400 m /s.

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