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Kurt Paul Schmitt (* 7 October 1886 in Heidelberg; "† 2 November 1950 in Heidelberg) was a German industrial leader and realm minister of economics

The lawyer Kurt Schmitt attains a doctorate 1911 in Munich over "the running information file, in particular the information contract" and steps 1913 into the service of the alliance AG insurance company. From 1914 to 1917 it participates in the First World War and as a captain of the reserve is discharged. 1917 it becomes member of the executive committee of the alliance AG, from 1921 to 1933 leads it the company as a chairman of the board. It in these years as one the most talented ladder concerning the organization in the insurance economy of the Weimar Republic created itself a name (1).

The company point of the alliance AG, represented by directors Kurt Schmitt and Eduard Hilgard, already caused a policy of the approximation to the national socialists before the seizure of power. Already in October 1930 to Hermann was gotten in touch. These contacts were noticed by participation in business meals and by the regulations of private financial debts. Heinrich and Franz of Papen tried without success to win Schmitt for an office for Minister.

Schmitt, which is already 1931 general manager of the Stuttgart association insurance AG (5), is included in the middle of the yearly 1931 into the objective by Hjalmar pit. In 18 December 1932 it participates in Berlin emperor yard in a meeting in the friend circle of the economy where the NSDAP their support is assured. Schmitt had closer relations with the LV point and participated in a meeting of German Industrieller on 20 February 1933 with Hermann with Adolf Hitler, whereby he sent an election campaign donation at a value of 10,000 realm Marks the NSDAP (7). In the spring 1933 Schmitt of the NSDAP stepped with (member No. 2,651,252). The posts of the vice-president industrie and of the Chamber of Commerce of Berlin he accepted 1933 likewise.

In the meantime Schmitt was convinced of the fact that the national socialists could master the problem of unemployment, if by people like it the economy were led. Besides it regarded Adolf Hitler as a large statesman and believes that this would already develop in the course of the time politically less radically. Besides it had a latent anti-Semitic attitude, which describes Gerald D as follows. field man: "Schmitt divided conception that Jews are over-represented within the academic occupations and that the role, which they played in the policy, in the right nature and the arts substantially reduced, if must be not even completely painted. He believed however the fact that a place in the German economic life is entitled to them and made it one of the maxims of its year in office as a realm minister of economics that it does not give a "Jew question in the economy". " (2)

On 30 June 1933 Schmitt is appointed as a successor of Alfred Hugenberg the Reichswirstchaftsminister and accepts the honorary membership of the SS (No. 101,346). In August 1933 he transfers the function of the authorized person of Prussia in the realm government. In October 1933 he is appointed the Prussian Council of State. The academy for German right accepts it as a member.

To 13. He communicated the new order of the commercial economy to March 1934. Leader of the overall organisation of the commercial economy became Philipp Kessler as a leader of the realm federation of the electrical industry. As Schmitt by a national steering of the economy to replace he wanted, encountered the "realm federation of the German industry" (RDI) the concentrated resistance of the company points. Further pit undertook efforts, Schmitt from the office for Minister to urge, in order to take over it (3). With a speech on 28 June 1934 Schmitt suffered a heart accumulation and broke down. It used this opportunity to a longer convalescence leave, and on 31 January 1935 Hitler approved his dismissal as a Minister. On 30 July 1934 pit became its successor as a realm minister of economics.

After its vacation he transfers 1935 the presidency in the supervisory board of the AEG AG and the German Continental gas company to Dessau. 1937 he takes over the executive committee presidency of the Munich reinsurance AG to 1945. In the alliance AG is it to 1945 supervisory board member. As a member in the friend circle SS Heinrich Himmler carries it on 15 September 1935 to the (4). Since Schmitt also supervisory board chairman of the AEG AG functions, this Himmler donated reinsurance and the Continental gas company between 6,000 and 8,000 realm Marks (6) annually between 12,000 and 15,000 realm Marks, and the residents of Munich.

From 1945 to 1949 Schmitt must undergo to a Entnazifizierungsverfahren of the US army. It loses all offices and over it a professional disqualification is imposed. 1946 it is arranged as "mainguilty". This classification was examined in several legal proceedings and waived 1949. Now it was only called had to pay a fine and the legal charges however.


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  • (5) August Heinrichsbauer, Schwerindistrie and politics, meal 1948
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1914 become it the Einserne cross 2. Class (EK II) lent. It receives it the wounding badge in black. Further honors: the war Distinguished Service Cross Ith class without swords (KVK I), the war Distinguished Service Cross IITH class without swords (KVK II). From the SS receives it the "honouring gene SS" and the "dead head ring of the SS".

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