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Kurt G. (* 1934 in Heinersreuth, Franconia) is a German author and journalist.


1962 began Kurt G. its over journalistic activity for medical and scientific magazines, under it a physician magazine, with which he was editor-in-chief. In this time he was also press speaker of an association of physicians and a pharmaceutical company.

Starting from years it wrote the 1970er over 27 society-critical and alarming publications, which with the topics bionics, threatened animal world, bioassays, hunt, German forest argued and the relationship humans/environment and humans/medicine. Other one, often very arranged volumes published in co-operation with such specialists such as Heinz Sielmann, refuge star or Hans Joachim merry. Many of these books became best-sellers.

was publisher of many years of the magazines "outside" and "nature" and lives today in Munich.

2005 were distinguished for its book "bionics" with the Corine, the international literary award of the federation of Bavarian publishing houses and bookshops.

In March 2006 a new book of pictures with the title appeared "fascination bionics". This book of pictures supplies the basis to the Pool of broadcasting corporations Fernsehshow "the large show of the nature miracles".

Writings (selection)

  • 1970: Woobinda, 2 volumes
  • 1971: Project superhuman - which begins biological revolution, resound-dare publishing house, Berne Stuttgart
  • 1973: Health is learnable, Herbig publishing house Munich, Herbig publishing house, Munich
  • 1974: The white Magier, Bertelsmann publishing house,
  • 1974: Beauty of nature, penny publishing house, new Isenburg
  • 1976: The fall of nature, German publishing house, Stuttgart
  • 1976: The medicine syndicate, Kiepenheuer and Witsch, Cologne
  • 1977: Welfare forces of nature, falcon publishing house, Niedernhausen/Taunus
  • 1977: Alpine flowers, falcon publishing house, Niedernhausen/Taunus
  • 1978: The German forest, Meyster publishing house, vienna Munich
  • 1979: Nature miracle Germany (with Heinz Sielmann and refuge star), Naturalis publishing house, Moenchengladbach, ISBN 3-88703-608-5
  • 1979: Inheriting the wolves, penny publishing house
  • 1980: , HB publishing house and - marketing company, Hamburg
  • 1981: Charm of the minerals. Crystals, gold and jewels (together with Olaf Medenbach), Ringier, Zurich, ISBN 3-85859-134-3
  • 1982: Our beautiful nature (as publishers), Naturalis publishing house, Munich and Moenchengladbach protects
  • 1983: The large sport book (as publishers), Naturalis publishing house, Munich
  • 1983: Charm of the hunt. Masterpieces of the hunt literature, hunt painting and nature photography (as publishers), Tigris publishing house, Munich, ISBN 3-923723-01-6 (extra charge later under ISBN 3-89836-123-3)
  • 1992: Tropical rain forest - the garden Eden may not die (as publishers as well as the protective association German forest registered association), pro Terra books, Munich
  • 1998: The last word, PRO 1-Verlags-Gesellschaft, Hagen
  • 1999: The hunt (as publishers), Cologne, ISBN 3-8290-1560-7
  • 2003: Heal forbidden - a killing permitted, Bertelsmann, Munich
  • 2005: Bionics, Bertelsmann, Munich
  • 2006: "Fascination bionics, bionics Media GmbH, Munich.

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