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A Kriminalakte (KA) - also police document, Krim document or police determination document mentioned - is a document, which serves the police for the documentation of certain acts. They serve mainly the criminal procedure.

These acts are illegal acts, which are threatened with punishment. These are assigned to a suspect or several suspects either or of unknown quantities complicity ("UT").

The KAN can be accessed over federal's application INPOL. The KAN system is a EDP-supported, personal Kriminalaktenerschliessungssystem. This contains also administrative data (document segregation and data deletion e.g. within the prescribed period).

Kriminalakten are localreferred put on personal and, i.e. for a person and the scene-referred scope of responsibility in each case a Kriminalakte exists (when over local committing accusing of can be led thus a multiplicity at documents at different police stations) across.

Kriminalakten contain police determination results and - notion (e.g. Charge, circumstances, negotiations, appraisal, trace safeguard reports (e.g. photo briefcases), documents of the OD treatments (during digitized OD treatment only one proof), reports, statements, references, memoranda, hearing minutes of the telephone monitoring, data evaluations, judicial and/or staatsanwaltliche resolutions, listinglisting listings, Observationsprotokolle, data of the procedure-taken part (, accused witnesses, information persons of and consultant), correspondences, the reference number of the law and the exit of the legal proceedings) as well as (provisionally) ("Asservate").

Modern administrations provide their Kriminalakten with bar codes and administer these by EDP.

Drop documents are supplied depending upon scene of a Kriminalakte, if a suspicion (concerning a complicity) is present. This does not apply with collecting procedure (over-local committing).

Kriminalakten are stored mostly central at regional police headquarters, in population centres at the police force on and stored in a Kriminalaktennachweis (KAN). These agencies are called "document-prominent agency". Agencies, for the attitude of individual groups are responsible owners of group" (e.g. E/H/U/L etc.) to "are called.

The drop document is duplicated after conclusion of the determinations to the public prosecutor's office, i.e. the criminally relevant part, is delivered. Components of the Kriminalakte are thus extracted for the justizielle determination document, if they are for the law from importance. The delivery of the documents and the Asservate is done not in the context of the official record exchange, but for safety reasons via police enforcement officer.

Kriminalakten contain also a report over the exit of the legal proceedings, see MiStra. The entries in the KAN remain existing however first independently of a debt (condemnation), it are that the concerning raise contradiction and the contradiction are allowed.

Also Kriminalakten are under certain conditions observable for attorneys (file inspection).

A Kriminalakte becomes with adults ith D. R. after ten years, with persons between seven and 18 years ith D. R. after five years separate, i.e. destroys. This does not apply, if within this period new illegal acts were committed, which are threatened with punishment.

However at the Bavarian police are stored 1.31 million person data records in the KAN.

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