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or gyroscope mower mechanisms are used in the agriculture, in order to grass (either for fresh fodder, hay or Silage).

Gyroscope mower mechanisms are usually cultivated in front and/or in the back at the tractor and propelled over a power-takeoff. In addition there are self-propelled mowers. Here several mower mechanisms at a carrier vehicle with engine and cab are installed. Self-propelled mowers are very powerfully in addition, quite expensive. Why their acquisition is profitable for large enterprises, Lohntunternhemen or machine rings only. At the market of these special machines mainly the companies were established Claas and crown.

The mower mechanism consists in principle of several drums or disks, which are equipped with measurers. The measurers rotate with high number of revolutions scarcely over the soil and cut/reduce the grass above the grass scar.

The work width can amount to up to 6m.

In order to achieve after the Mahd a faster drying process of the editors/Konditionierer are cultivated. In addition one rotates with brushes or Schlegeln occupied roller behind the which takes up the By the Schlegel or by a border, at which the property fastens, it comes to the buckling and/or graining of the

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