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Kordit is an explosive, to whose production nitrocellulose one (gun cotton) with nitroglycerin and vaseline under additive of acetone gelatiniert, then by a press to cords (English "cords") is pressed and afterwards again dried. It ranks among the zweibasigen smoke-weak gun powders.

Exact composition:

58% Nitroglycerin37% Nitrocellulose05% vaseline

Kordit is not capable of the explosive burn, developed contrary to black powders and/or hardly smoke, but however up to six times more pressure and therefore frequently than propellants in rifle cartridges is used. By Sir James Dewar, the patent was discovered was contested however violently by Alfred Nobel. That therefore agitated that Nobel as well as the Englishmen had invented that the Kordit similar Ballistit. Abel and Dewar modified the composition and hurt so the confidence Nobels. The Swede lost the patent controversy in all instances, since he described the Nitrocellulose too inaccurately.

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