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The condom Urinal is an aid, which can be used only by male patients with urinary incontinence. It possesses the form of a condom with connection type of a hose. Condom Urinale offer a suitable alternative to absorbing Inkontinenzprodukten as for instance to gutter, collecting mains and diapers.


The forerunners used of the condom Urinale of the today were containers for gathering urine and became from Ambroise (1510-1590) as well as of Fabricius Hildanus (1560-1634) for the supply of urinary incontinence with men described. These containers were fastened consisted of glass or a pig blister with a belt to the body. Into the opening of the containers the Penis was put. Only with the introduction of new materials (india rubber, rubber) improve and for the user models which can be carried more pleasantly could to be manufactured. Around 1900 already different models for men were offered, who were used in little changed form up to the introduction of the one-way materials. Today Kondomurinale from rubber or Latex are not practically any longer used, since they with difficulty and also the requirements of "modern" humans at Diskretion are to be cleaned are not sufficient.

Condom Urinale for a mark use

Modern condom Urinale offers form a reliable protection with a careful selection the correct size and. They are used together with a leg bag or a bed bag for night supply. Condom Urinale are offered from Latex and silicone, whereby the condom Urinale made of silicone should be preferred. The condom Urinale is offered in two variants, the not ready for use and uncoated condom Urinalen and the ready for use and with a skin adhesive provided condom Urinalen.

Latex condom Urinale

Ready for use Latex condom Urinale does not need a skin adhesive and/or detention strip for its adequate application additionally still another, in order to fix the condom Urinal surely at the Penis. Ready for use Latex condom Urinale is already coated with a skin adhesive or it a detention strip is provided, in order to fix the condom Urinal surely at the Penis. Because of the high risk of a Latexallergie this condom Urinale should be used only temporarily. Because of the increased skin irritation the Latex condom Urinale should not be carried longer than 24 hours.

Silicone condom Urinale

Ready for use silicone condom Urinale do not need for their adequate application additionally still another a skin adhesive and/or detention strip, in order to fix the condom Urinal surely at the Penis. Ready for use silicone condom Urinale are already coated with a skin adhesive or a detention strip is provided, in order to fix the condom Urinal surely at the Penis. Can be carried for silicone condom Urinale for long-term supply up to 48 hours, since they were manufactured from a special strike-friendly silicone material, in order to prevent unnecessary skin irritations. Further this condom Urinale has a return barrier, which prevents a flowing back of the urine, which protects adhesive surfaces against humidity and thus to skin irritations prevents.

Mounting options

In principle three possibilities are available, in order to fasten a condom Urinal surely to the Penis. Which of the three variants the patient selects now, depends also on its personal attitude and Feinmotorik.

Skin adhesive

The skin adhesive is after general conviction still the safest kind of the adjustment. In contrast to the not influenceable adhesive coating with self adhesive condom Urinalen, can be specified on use of a skin adhesive from the tube or bottle, in which quantity, in which place and in which width of the adhesives will lay on is. The water resistance of the skin adhesive makes a carrying possible Urinals when bathing and swimming, without sticking is impaired. With a longer full bath in very warm water the sticking strength can diminish however. Via different skin adhesives an exact adjustment can take place to the needs of the carrier.

Double-sided tapes

With a no skin adhesives may be used on Latexbasis. In such cases the tape, beside the latexfreien skin adhesives, is the suitable kind of adjustment. Also with not sufficient adhesive surface tapes can be helpful. Some feel the application of the tapes as the "clean" solution in the comparison to the skin adhesive.

Self adhesive condom Urinale

Their use is surely at the most comfortable, reached however after general experience so far not yet the security of the skin adhesive. In the area of the condom adjustment there is advancements of the industry, therefore is constantly worthwhile oneself it to test occasionally samples from new products to.

Skin condition

In order to obtain on the one hand a sufficient sticking effect and to minimize on the other hand the skin irritations, one should pay attention on use of the skin adhesive to some points. The skin should exhibit a normal fat and moisture content, it is strongly wax protective soaps and showering gel to be avoided, just as bath salts and body lotions. The condom Urinal should not be glued to directly after a full bath, since the skin is satisfied with humidity then still and the adhesive clings more badly.

Condom Urinale for multiple use

The condom Urinale for multiple use was made in former times frequently of Latex. From the structure this condom Urinale was arranged very complex, then the condom was fixed by special pants and/or by means of several belts in the genital range at the body. The urine bag consisted likewise of Latex and with belts to the thigh was fastened.



If the patient must not regularly e.g. because of neuro genes a disturbance of emptying of blister itself Katheterisieren, then condom Urinale offer an alternative and as less unpleasant are often felt here. Likewise can be done if necessary without the use of collecting mains and diapers, if only one urinary incontinence is present. In many cases patients can be trained to put on the condom Urinale themselves.

The change Kondom-Urinals takes place usually daily until two daily, depending upon used model. In some cases it is sufficient also that the patients are supplied only at night with a condom Urinal. The urine into usual urine bags derived, here are no sterile urine bags as necessary with the continuous catheter.

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