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The Knallerbse is a small, approximately pea-large, pyrotechnic article, which results in, more or less violently to soil thrown not too loud bang.


In a covering of paper mineral granulates from smallest pellets (sand) is, which are transferred with a small quantity Silberfulminat (bang silver). The sand works as friction means. By the developing friction in the case of the impact the unstable bang silver disintegrates like an explosion into Carbon monoxide, Stickstoff and Silber, whereby the pressure the developing gases tears the paper covering up. The silver settles partly than black lining on the and paper remainders.


For safety reasons Knallerbsen are transported and acted in small numbers of items in cardboard packing, which is filled with a shock absorbing material (usually Knallerbsen are subject to the explosive law and belong after the classification by the legally responsible Federal Institution for material research and - to the fire works I. you maximally 2.5 mg Silberfulminat may contain examination (BAM) of the class pi, according to the transport regulations to the danger goods of the class and be allowed to do all year round also to persons under 18 years to be transferred. As all pyrotechnic products must Knallerbsen in Germany by the BAM become certified and for their permission characters on the packing carry. Not zugelasssene products, which are particularly imported annually in large quantities from China and Southeast Asia, are potenziell dangerous and cannot cause heaviest injuries due to the not kept regulations.

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