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The Klever streetcar (original Clever streetcar) was a normalspurige streetcar in the city Kleve.

It existed to 31 between 1 October 1911 and that. March 1962 and connected the city with the streetcars in Nimwegen and the streetcar-similar Kleinbahn Wesel Rees Emmerich. The latter could be achieved by means of one the course belonging ferry by means of the Rhine. The course was operated by a GmbH, which was a 100%-ige daughter of the RWE AG. From this she changed 1936 into the property of the RWE daughter "Rheinisch road and Kleinbahnen GmbH" (RWSK).

In the year 1909 the RWE for the districts at that time funds, Kempten, Kleve, Moers and Rees had acquired the concession for the building and enterprise of streetcars. The first section of the course to the ferry on the Rhine was opened on 1 October 1911 and ensured at the same time for the current supply to their convenient places and industrial companies. One year later, on 1 December 1912, followed the opening of the second section toward Netherlands border. It led along the Minoritenstrasse, the Kavarinerstrasse and the zoo route from Kleve outside and far to the localities , crane castle, eating ELT and Wyler after Beek. There it ended at the border, where the passengers could change into the streetcar ending in range of vision to Nimwegen. The courses were not connected. At this time the strongly minted distrust of the Netherlands opposite Germany was expressed also in the track width of the brench line. Since one knew from the plans of the RWE concerning the route of the course, the streetcar on Netherlands side was built not in standard gauge, but with the so-called cape-purely with 1,067 mm.

This distance was driven on between 6:00 clock and 15:30 clock every 40 minutes, between 15:30 clock and 20:00 clock every 20 minutes and between 20:00 clock and 22:00 clock every 60 minutes. For those altogether the course needed 30.5 kilometers long distance 91 minutes.

After the First World War the course in the city center was extended by Kleve. Thus on 15 August 1920 the distance up to the white gate was extended. Somewhat later, on 9 November an extension up to the station at the German National Railroad in Bedburg striking followed. Thus it had achieved its largest expansion with a route distance of 31.67 kilometers and carried one in this year approximately 1.400.000 passengers.

By the Second World War the course suffered substantial damage. The service could be taken up only after extensive repairs on 17 October 1946 again. Now it proved also as disadvantage that one of the operating yards of the course in the Beek which is because of the Netherlands border had been furnished, since the place belonged starting from 1949 to the Netherlands. Since the operating yard in the city could not be started yet again, the vehicles had to be waited thus on the distance.

Starting from 29 July 1950 three lines operated in the city:

Line wayTravel timeClockRoute distance
Kleve station - Wyler43 min.90 min.14.1 km
Emmerich - Kleve station - Bedburg48 min.60 min.14.5 km
Spoons - mould fount23 min.60/30 min.4.8 km

Starting from 1952 regularly a bus operated between Nimwegen and Kleve. This led to the fact that in Nimwegen the distance between Nimwegen and the former border adjusted the streetcars 1955. The fall of the lines of the Klever streetcar followed in the coming years. Thus on 24 January 1960 the distance was stopped between Wyler and Kleve and on 17 October of the same yearly the distance between spoons and the Rhine ferry. The last distance from spoons over Kleve and mould fount to Bedburg followed to 31. March 1962. The bus enterprise took over afterwards the "circle mortar of transporting enterprises".

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