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A Klebebinder is a processing machine from the range of the industriellen bookbinder. Klebebinder are continuously working machines to the glueing of the sides, often also a component of complete book flow distances.

In a Klebebinder of the folded and gathered pressure elbow in several working on steps of book block are made. According to whether this book block is connected afterwards with a einlagigen flexible envelope or a firm multi-layer Buchdecke, one speaks with the final product of a stick-bound Broschur or a stick-bound fixed cover.

The individual processing steps run off as follows:

  1. Supply the loosely gathered folded pressure elbow (forms collecting machine)
  2. Align the crease elbow at foot (down) and federation (in the back) by vibration
  3. Get jammed the aligned book block between two conveyor chains with the federation downward
  4. that approx. 5 mm federation out-standing down is milled off around approx. 1..3 mm, so that those are open crease elbow now down
  5. via further tools cleaning milling dust, smoothing and notching of the surface takes place for the better adhesive admission
  6. by means of rolling or nozzle glue work an adhesive layer on the future book block backs is applied
  7. (was based) Dispersionskleber, hot thermoplastic adhesive (Hotmelt) or adhesives on PU basis (PURE) are used
  8. on the still fresh ("open ") adhesive a is stuck, if the book block is to be connected later with a Buchdecke to a fixed cover
  9. if a Broschur is to develop, the book block is put on directly centric on the opened envelope and injected with this

After the sticking binding either only for the book block (with later fixed cover) or the entire Broschur a three-lateral trimming takes place (in front, down and above).

Under the conditions of the industriellen mass production of books and Broschuren the sticking binding represents a very efficient technology, in practice to clock rates of up to 15.000 of block per hour is reached. Nevertheless the sticking binding process is very complex and requires a fine, scientifically justified tuning of the used materials and processing parameters, so that durable products develop.

Some the most important manufacturers:

  1. Heidelberger printing machines AG
  2. Mueller Martini
  3. Sigloch group
  4. Well-being mountain of cut systems GmbH
  5. Company Kolbus

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