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Klaus Christian small field (* 6 November 1957 in Bremen) is a German manager and since 2005 of chairmen of the board the Siemens AG.


Klaus small field studied management economics and at the George August university Goettingen and locked the university with the degree of the Diplom-Kaufmanns. 1992 became small field at the Bavarian Julius Maximilians university peppering castle the Dr. rer. pole. attained a doctorate.

1982 he became scientific coworker in Institut of the donation for empirical social research in Nuremberg, 1986 changed he Ciba-Geigy to Basel.

Since 1987 small field for the Siemens company is actively, first as an adviser in the central site selling. Klaus small field created and led the Siemens management Consulting (SMC). Beyond that small field was considerably involved in the emergence and introduction of the enterprise program "top+ ". it changed and led 1998 into the range medical technology the world-wide business for X-raying and Angiografie plants, in April 2000 it the member of the range executive committee there was appointed.

2001 were appointed Klaus small field the Chief operating Officer of the Siemens national company in the USA. From 2002 to at the end of of 2003 it answered for as President and Chief Executive Officer the Siemens US business with its 65,000 coworkers and a volume of business of approximately 17 billion US Dollar.

In January 2004 Klaus small field was appointed into the Siemens central executive committee, where he for some months the sphere of activity information and Communications as well as the regional companies in Africa, which, Russia cared for the middle east and in the remaining countries of the GUS. At the same time small field led the central strategy department the Siemens AG. With the appointment as the deputy chairman of the board in the middle of 2004 delivered small field these tasks again.

Small field is since 27 January of 2005 chairmen of the executive committee the Siemens AG. He is thereby the elfte chairman of the board in the history of the enterprise.

Small field is married and father of two daughters.

Under the supervision of small field the pool of the fixed net and portable radio activities the Siemens AG took place to the new division Communications (Com), after conversion and number of employees the largest range of the company to October 2004. Since it did not succeed also in the consequence, a part involving a loss of the division (mobile DEVICE, i.e. without cordless fixed net telephones) from own Kraft to reorganize, he was transferred one year later to the taiwanesische enterprise BenQ corporation, to which Siemens had to commit itself to acquire shares of BenQ in the value from 50 million euro to and to finance with 250 million euro the process of integration. Siemens stepped out with this sales of the portable radio final customer business. Volker Mueller: Siemens mobile phones load Benq further heavily. Financial Time Germany (15.03.2006) small field faced this delivery positively. Marion Otto (Hrsg): Siemens separates from the (07 June 2005) in the press it on the one hand as necessary end with frights and the smaller evil welcomed (BenQ secured the receipt from 6000 jobs in contrast to other prospective customers to), on the other hand than endangerment of jobs was criticized. Lutz Sales the Siemens Handysparte saves German work (07.06.2005)


As a chairman of the board the Siemens AG small field member of the supervisory board is Alcoa Inc., the Bavarian AG as well as the Citigroup Inc.Das income of small field amounted to according to business report the Siemens AG in the year 2005 approx. 3.3 million euro (compensation in cash + remuneration was based).


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