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Klaus Sandler (* 1945; "† 1984) were a publisher of Austrian literature.

He worked as a teacher in pc. Lower Austria. He was the publisher of the magazine the DESK and thus up to his death 1984 large promoters of the literature in Lower Austria. With the EDITION MAIOLI TO VIENNA it published a remarkable row contemporary Austrian (above all down-Austrian) literature with national support, without ever coming into the Provinzielle. Its contacts to German authors were excellent.


He was relevant initiator of the culture price of the city pc. which he - under others - cared for several years. Thus there was the DESK, which he published, in the magazine coworkers also of the German Federal Republic. His Mrs. Nadia Ave was a well-known Grafikerin, which coined/shaped the layout of the magazine and many artistic contents considerably.


  • Anatomy of an escape, iron city, ISBN 3-85374-032-4 (no year indicated)
  • Tom cancels the jump from the window, to Wallereu/Switzerland 1974
  • The provisional life, Vienna 1983
  • A tent and a nothing else, Vienna 1985

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