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Klaus Homann (*1950) is a fee professor to DOES Clausthal, director/conductor of the RWE Transportnetze and since 2005 president of the German roof federation for the water and gas supply.

Homann studied mechanical engineering from 1968 to 1975 at the Ruhr university in Bochum and locked its study as an engeneering graduate. Subsequently, he was a scientific assistant at the University of meal, where he was attained a doctorate to 1978 to the Dr. - engineer.

1973 he worked for the first time at the VEW, dressed there to 1998 different leading positions within the range gas supply/gas technology and became 1994 attorney. Since 1998 it is member of the board of the RWE gas AG and became 2004 general manager of the RWE transportation net gas GmbH. Since 2002 it is in the executive committee of the Transgas and notices since 2004 agendas of the RWE Energy Czech Repulic in Prague.

In July 2004 it DOES Clausthal appointed the fee professor. In the middle of 2005 was selected Professor Dr. - engineer Homann to the president of the German combination of the gas and water subject registered association (DVGW).

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