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Klaus Esser (* 21 November 1947 in upper living) is a German lawyer and manager.


Esser made its Abitur at the human Landferman High School in Duisburg, for studied law in Geneva, Munich and and attained a doctorate finally in Regensburg. In it became member of the Corps Rhenania Following its graduation it completed a master course of studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Afterwards it worked from 1976 to 1977 as a lawyer in New York, before it began its career at the man man AG. 1994 it became member of the board and moved up 1998 to the deputy chairman of the board. Later he took over one year from Joachim radio the post of the company head. It kept this position up to the hostile takeover of man man by Vodafone in the year 2000. Man man was smashed in the consequence, thousands coworkers lost its work. Klaus Esser to have been since then suspected, by Vodafone with a sum of 50 million DM have been bought, which among other things by the chairman of the board of the German bank AG and supervisory board boss the man man AG, Josef field man, and by the IG-Metall trade union chairman, had been approved Klaus Zwickel.

Under Essers responsibility was aligned the man man company primarily to the market segment telecommunications. Thus one took over the British portable radio offerer orange and intended the unprofitable traditional man man tube business to separate. This was in the long run only done however after the assumption via Vodafone.

The man man process

Its role with the assumption negotiations between man man and Vodafone were finally also subject to determinations in the context man man process in such a way specified, which began on 21 January 2004 before the regional court and ended erstinstanzlich with an acquietal. This acquietal was waived however due to a revision of the Federal Prosecutor's Office on 21 December 2005 the Federal High Court.

Esser leads the Germany office of general Atlantic, an American holding company, at whom he holds portions. General Atlantic is also in several German enterprises, so also by the majority involved to the IXOS AG noted formerly in the TecDAX, at which Esser besides in the supervisory board sat.

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