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Klaus Barbie (* 25 October 1913 in Bad Godesberg; "† 25 September 1991 in Lyon) was national socialist. Admits became it as a "butcher of Lyon".


Klaus Barbie was since 1937 member of the NSDAP. The SS it occurred 1935. Its last rank was

1939-1942 "Jew paper" into the Hague (occupied the Netherlands). In Belgium Folterer of the German writer Jean Amery. Starting from Nov.1942, after the invasion of German troops into the vacant Southern France administered by the Vichy government, he took over the line of the IVTH section of the state police and the security agency as a boss of the secret state police (Gestapo) in Lyon.

Until 1944 Barbie was responsible in Southern France for torture and murder of members of the - among them Jean Moulin -. Beyond that numerous further crimes were put to it to the load, among other things the massacre in pc. Genis Laval, the responsibility for the Deportierung of the so-called children of Izieu as well as numerous shooting in the prison Montluc. It proceeded with extreme brutality and Briefly before end of war Barbie went to Germany.

After 1945

Because of its crimes Barbie was condemned 1947 in France in absence twice to death. In the same year Barbie became an agent for the American secret service CIC. With the help of the Americans Barbie emigrierte 1951 on the so-called rat line to Bolivia under the name Klaus Altmann and became later also Bolivian citizen. After emerging Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia were again in demand Barbie as Gestapochef of acquired knowledge in gang fight (LV expression for partisan defense), and he worked for the Bolivian ministry of the Interior in the rank Colonels ad honorem as teacher and an advisor of the security forceses of the dictator Hugo Banzer

1980 helped Barbie general Luis Meza with its coup d'etat in Bolivia, however in January 1983 after the installation the democratically selected government under Siles Zuazo from Bolivia to France were delivered.

Beate and Serge clear field succeeded it to at the beginning of the 70's of course to seek out Klaus Barbie. An attemptattempt attempt, which was planned by the French revolution theoretician Debray and the German Monika Ertl with knowledge of Beate clear field, failed 1972. Its distribution to France took place however only 1983, because it was covered by the dictators in Bolivia, in particular Banzer and Garcia Meza. Only after return of democracy-similar conditions with president Siles Zuazo in October 1982 changed that, so that he could be accused in the year 1987 in Lyon of crimes against the humanity in 177 cases and to life imprisonment was condemned. Altogether one put the Deportation from at least 843 humans to it to the load.

Barbie died on 25 September 1991 in the prison of Lyon.

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