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:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
: (Russula)
Scientific name
Russula emetica
(Schaeff.) Pers.

The Kirschrote (Russula emetica), of which it several different subspecies gives, is a poisonous mushroom. It is due to its shines for red hat color, which can vary however, unmistakably. With a taste sample its meat already burns after short time on the tongue. Its poison should be ineffective after cooking.

The occurs from the summer into the late autumn inside in leaves and coniferous forests. A danger of mistake with an edible mushroom might not exist, presupposed, one knows An important characteristic, with which one can differentiate from other kinds of mushroom, is like apple meat the breaking handle, which cannot be divided fibrously. If then with the taste sample still one determines, which tastes mild he, the is usually edible. There are however some kinds, which burn only after some minutes on the tongue or in the palate.

Caution! This rule does not apply however under any circumstances to other kinds of mushroom.


  • Hat: Only curved then spread, thinfleshy and up to 8 cm broad. Color bright zinnober to kirschblutrotrot
  • Lamellas: White to palely creme
  • Sporen: White
  • Handle: White
  • Meat: Burns on the tongue. The smell is fruit-like

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