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The corona discharge or Kirlianfotografie (scientific designation: High frequency high voltage photography) is a photographic procedure for the visualization of the unloading of electricity around organisms, in addition, around dead subject. The procedure was developed by the Ukrainian married couple Semjon Kirlian and Valentina Kirlian starting from 1937.

Function mode

By means of an electrical high-frequency field of high tension Leuchterscheinungen at objects are produced and these on a photographic plate are gebannt.

This photography is a high voltage photography, which carries out for photographic procedure by the illustration of a high voltage unloading, with which not only metal points, but parts of the body, animal and plants as electrode serve can. The radiating Leuchterscheinungen, which proceed on the photography from the electrode (e.g. a finger), are not in this sense" mysterious jets ", but luminescent unloading channels. Unloading affected by form of the electrodes, distribution of the electrical conductivity, humidity, evaporation among other things physical factors.

Into a darkened area a metal plate is put. On this an insulator, e.g. a thin Keramikplatte, is fastened. On the isolation plate now the film, with the photosensitive side upward, which can be exposed, is attached. On the film now the object which can be photographed, e.g. a sheet comes or with the fact is human being important also that the object must be an electrical conductor.

To the metal plate now a high voltage is applied by approximately 20,000 V. Additionally the object must be connected with the mass of the apparatus.

Now for approximately five seconds, depending upon necessary exposure, the tension is switched on. Approximately an electrical corona around the object, which consists of small lightnings, develops. Everyone knows this phenomenon of static unloading, if one feels a light current impact e.g. at a car. This corona is called of the trailers of esoterischer faith teachings aura of the object.

Areas of application

This kind of the photography finds in the alternative medicine Anwendung.Man can with the Kirlianmethode conclusions over the electrical conductivity of certain parts of the body pull. Thus it is to be able to be observed whether the alleged Akupunktur Meridiane, whose existence is however not proven are intact.

Hands (finger crests) and feet (toes) are photographed, because after conception of the trailers predominantly to begin and end the Meridiane of the Chinese Akupunkturlehre in these places. Although by different Esoterikern a diagnostic statement is maintained, there are no proofs, which withstand a scientific examination for the diagnostic usefulness of the Kirlianfotografie.

In the art and the advertisement a further area of application exists.

History and development

The Ukrainer Semjon Davidowitsch Kirlian discovered 1937 this kind of the photography by accident, when it should repair a medical apparatus, and let the procedure 1949 patent. Later it continued to research with its wife Valentina Kirlian and the physician Ruben Stepanow to the Kirlianfotografie.

Warning references

Affect the isolation layer with switched on tension never abandoned and/or the metal plate, since otherwise mortal danger exists. Persons with cardiac pacemaker must avoid the proximity and use of the equipment. Likewise persons with weak can suffer heart with the use damage. Always for sufficiently ventilation provide, since from the high voltage poisonous ozone results.

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