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The term Kinderpornografie designates the representation of sexual actions of and at children. Internationally the term Kinderpornografie is legally differently defined. This has its cause among other things in the different legal definitions of child and Pornografie. In Germany Kinderpornografie is subject to a total prohibition as so-called "hard" Pornografie. StGB is punishable not only the possession or the sales, but also offering, available stops, applying etc. after "ยง 184 exp. 3.

According to another definition Kinderpornografie is medial the mediated representation of child abuse. This definition does without the with difficulty definable term Pornografie. The material reporting over child abuse, approximately in the press, does not represent "medial mediated representation of child abuse" and thus also no Kinderpornografie.

Due to the serious consequences for the victims the mediale production is socially outlawed and legally forbidden by abuse like the abuse.

The term Kinderpornografie is applicable to all in principle media. In practice Kinderpornografie consists usually of photo or Filmmaterial in similar or digital form.

Works represent a frontier, which came without co-operation of children and thus also without abuse. In some states (e.g. Germany, Sweden) therefore also works of the painting, design, illustration and literature, furthermore the also medical or works can fall under the term (child) Pornografie or be suspended the reproach.

While some humans regard "virtual Kinderpornografie" as victimless criminal offence and their prohibition as attack on the art liberty, their legal equalization is justified to kinderpornografischem photo and Filmmaterial with the fact that such material can be considered as causing or minimization of material child abuse.

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