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Kew Gardens is a station in the southwest of London, which is served both by courses of the District LINE London Underground and by Silverlink courses of the North London LINE. The station is appropriate for a part of British national archives in the proximity of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Public record Office.

The station was built for the forerunner of the today's District LINE between 1868 and 1870 by that London & South Western Railway and the first courses the metropolitan and District Railway, operated on 1 June 1877. The station fell in the context of the nationalization of the British railways into the possession of the British Rail and belongs now after their privatisation network Rail. The enterprise of the station is completed today by Silverlink.

The station is on the border of the Travelcard zones 3 and 4, is double-railed and possesses two outer orbit pastes. Use 2.75 million passengers the station annually.

The station building is a good-received example mittelviktorianischer railway architecture and is today in the context of the Kew Gardens conservation AREA monument-protected. The building is one of the few from that 19. Century received on the North London LINE.

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