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Kenneth Ewart Boulding (* 18 January 1910 in Liverpool (England), "† 18. March 1993 in Boulder (Colorado)) was an British-American economist.

Kenneth E. Boulding made in over 1000 publications and about 40 Monographien an extensive contribution to social and to economiceconomics research and is over 30 had also been distinguished. Boulding originated from a and studied philosophy and economic science in Oxford. it went to 1937 into the USA, whose nationality it accepted 1948, and taught at the Universities of Harvard and Chicago. There he wrote 1941 with "Economic analysis "an economiceconomics introduction for student, who became soon the standard work. During 2. World war was active it with the in Princeton, lost this place however 1944 because of its pazifistischen activities. Afterwards it was following at the University OF Michigan (1949-1968) and in Boulder (Colorado) (1969-1981) as a professor actively. Boulding was among other things a president of the American Economic Association, the Society for general of system Research, that internationally Peace Research Society and the American Association for the Advancement OF Science.

Scientific achievement

Boulding applies within its discipline as recognized outsiders. He understood his role as a scientist always broadly and also politically, intensively he with questions of the religion and ethics argued. It was particularly engaged for the 1950er years in the early peace movement, here applies for Kenneth Boulding and his Mrs. Elise M. Boulding as founder figures of the conflict and peace research. Boulding at the idea of a general system theory was likewise strongly interested. He accordingly always understood the economy as part of a broader social context and looked for in its work the binding to the sociology in addition, biology. Its own discipline stood it against it always for something reserved opposite. He criticizes the adjustment of the economics on mathematical solutions just like its attempts to prognosticate future developments by its models. Boulding against-placed the idea of a "evolutionary economics" ("evolutionary economics") to that, in which the factor knowledge or know-how as well as adjustment and learning processes play a special role. Among its most well-known work the essay "The Economics OF ranks the Coming Spaceship Earth" from 1966. The text is the attempt of a theoretical founding of a non-growth oriented economy and Bouldings central contribution for the environmental debate of its time. It stresses the role of the economical substance for the satisfaction of our needs. In a closed system one must try to get along with as little a flow as possible. These thoughts and in particular the spaceship metaphor were frequently rezipiert in the future.


  • Economic analysis, 1941.
  • A Reconstruction OF Economics, 1950.
  • The image: Knowledge OF life in society, 1956.
  • Conflict and Defense: A general theory, 1962.
  • Ecodynamics: A new theory OF societal evolution, 1978.
  • Stable Peace, 1978.
  • Human Betterment, 1985.

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