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The Keirsey temper Sorter (dt. Keirsey temper sorter, alternatively Keirsey temper tester) is more developed by David a Keirsey, into the 1980er, temper test, which develops on the realizations of the MBTI. One can a temper and/or four-tuple (see below) either by introspection assign oneself (e.g. by reading its Pubikationen) or a test elbow to fill out. Becomes last in written form in its two books Please and-purchased ME (1984) and Please and-purchased ME II (1998) provided and is additionally still available on its web page in many languages. With the test it concerns 70 dichotomen questions.

The model

In the MBTI model there are altogether 8 character characteristics (I/E, N/S, F/T and J/P), which designate in pairs the extreme values in four dimensions. The 4 mating can be combined freely and results in then 16 different possible tempers. In the official questionnaires the values with dichotomen questions are determined.

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