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Pinzgauer Kasnockn are a Salzburger variant of the They were originally as wood farmhand food a hard worker meal and are accordingly nutritious. Kasnockn are made traditionally with Pinzgauer beer cheese, a pikanten and strongly smelling speciality of the milk of the Pinzgauer of cattle very common in the Salzburger area.

For preparation of water, egg, flour and something salt a firm paste, is made which by a NOC chap filter and/or a is given to cooking seawater. After short time are the cams and are taken out. Subsequently, they are moved into a hot pan in butter and bulbs, gesalzen, gepfeffert and finally mixed with cheese cubes knusprig roasted. After addition of the cheese can be also with something water or In some prescriptions the bulbs are roasted separately and to it-given only in the end. Pinzgauer Kasnockn with chives and green salad are served as supplement.

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