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Kartoffelroder serve for mechanical harvesting of potatoes. There are potato full harvesting machines only since about 50 years. Meanwhile 1, 2 is - and 4-reihige machines in the use. The potatoes are lifted by Spatenschare from the earth and arrive after it at a Siebband. On this the potatoes are separated from small stones and earth. Larger stones and Erdklumpen (so-called Kluten) are separated by special separation devices. Some machine types could segregate a reading out table at the harvest aid additionally stones and small potatoes. After the cleaning of the potatoes these arrive into the shelter, which can seize with self-propelled machines up to 15 tons. World-wide largest manufacturer for Kartoffelroder is the family-led Grimme agricultural machinery factory from Damme at more stupidly the lake (Northwest Germany).

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