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Karl Waldemar contactor (* 9 October 1913 in Dausenau A.D. Lahn; "† 9 September 1999 in Raubling with rose home) was member of the NPD and here publisher of the "German messages", the party sheet of the NPD.

After the conclusion of the upper six-form high school it completed training as the publishing house buyer and occurred the editorship of the Lahn newspaper. Contactor was starting from 1928 member of the Hitler Youth and got later also the golden HJ-badge. Until 1937 journalistically actively, he was finally used as Ordensjunker. With 23 it became member of the NSDAP. As a member of the weapon SS (body banner Adolf Hitler) it pulled 1939 into the war and became finally leader of a tiger tank company. It was wounded five times heavily and through-lived to 1946 the American war shank. Already in the subsequent year it was again active as an independent buyer and created 1950 the polarizing SE publishing house and the publishing house. it drew 1955 as a member of the German realm Reich (DRP) into the federal state parliament of Lower Saxony. It created the publishing house K at the same time. W. contactor, in which much-considered titles appeared. As a member of the DRP line up to its self dissolution in the year 1964 he became publisher of the party newspaper "realm call". 1959 he was joint founder of the "German weekly paper", which he led more than 25 years. After the end of the DRP contactor of the NPD joined and became leader the department of press and information of the NPD and 1967-1970 also member of the federal state parliament in Lower Saxony. It ranked among the guidance core of the NPD. Contactor was director/conductor of the national publishing house and publisher of the NPD sheet "German message". Its special attention applied above all for the fundamentals of the historical and social development. The 1964 of him he managed created, party-free "German publishing house company rose home" (with today's seat in Prussian old village) to short before his death as acting partners.

Its last 15 Lebensjahre he preferably dedicated to contemporary history. Its goal was the "safety device of a true historical picture and the transmission of real German conditions in 20. Century for the future generations". 1985 it created the combination "culture and contemporary history - archives of the time registered association". under the slogan "veritas - iustitia - futurum". Apart from maintenance and development of a technical library for history, politics and military customer as well as a newspaper and document archives stood the publication of time-historical publications. The quarter writing "German history is particularly considerable in 20. Century". The "society for free journalism", whose deputy chairmen Waldemar contactor was since 1992, lent 1979 the Ulrich of Hutten medal to it. Successor of contactor in "archives of the time" became Hans Ulrich Kopp.


Franz Willing, George: The financing of the November revolution 1918. With special consideration Bayerns (row: German history in 20. Century), rose home 1999, P. 59 FF.

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