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Karl Ludwig Nessler (* 2. May 1872 in Todtnau; "† 22 January 1951 in Harrington park (new jersey, the USA)) were a German and the inventor of the Dauerwelle.

Life and work

Karl Nessler was the son of a simple shoemaker from the Black Forest small town Todtnau underneath the field mountain.

The idea for the Dauerwelle came it already in its youth. It owes it to the allegedly following circumstance:

As a child Nessler had to guard goats. With approaching rain he observed a strange movement with flowers and grasses: They pulled together similarly as hair curls. After two to three hours sunshine they became again straight. Later it described in such a way: "The Morgentau filled out itself into their cells fled, it, drove the stacks into the width and pulled the length together."

This observation did not release it and it fiddled with a method to let also smooth people hair become curly.

First it begins teachings, which it breaks off however again. With the bar beer master Busam in Geneva he finds however an employment and calls themselves Charles Nessler.

A few years later it pulls it to Paris, to the effect place of the famous Onduleurs Marcel Grateau.In Paris becomes acquainted with it a certain Yvonne, which is called in reality Katharina Laible, from which Ulmer area comes and is ready to actually let the first Dauerwelle of Nessler try.

In addition Nessler divides three of its hair, ties everyone of them closely at the scalp, moistens it with a mysterious Sulze and winds it screw-shaped on metal bars. With designed pliers, a kind weapon-quiet, he heats the which are away things up. Nessler must keep the pliers constant and teaches to its victim fire blisters. Waving does not first only succeed, with the 3. Attempt, whereby Nessler washes the rewinding stand for a long time. Waving remained and "Dauerwelle" was called.

In the Londoner lady world the customer of Nesslers invention spreads rapidly and he has moves inlet. 1906 estimate Nessler its procedure so far matured that he can demonstrate it the colleague shank. He loads the "leading Hairdressers" for 8 October of the yearly to a demonstration into the Oxford Street in. The demonstration becomes however a failure. The reason for it is a Unwille of the professional world perhaps less to recognize the method as again than rather their fear of the loss of continuous customers.

Nessler could be diverted however not by its idea and strengthens the advertisement for its invention. Gradually the call of its Dauerwelle spread. But with outbreak of the First World War it is interned as hostile foreigners of the British authorities, its fortune is drawn in.

After its dismissal Nessler moves thereupon to New York out. In America however already hundreds of pirat copies of its apparatus are in circulation at this time. But Nessler makes itself immediate to a new start. The concept comes up, it occupied soon the house front No. 8 to 14 in the East 49th Street with its shops. It develops home equipment for 15 dollar. In the year 1927 it employs in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Palm Beach and Philadelphia already 500 coworkers, its Firmenimperium is worth millions, the expenditures for advertisement amounts to approximately 300,000 US Dollar.

Nessler did not forget however its origin from simplest conditions. In the economic crisis of the 1920er years donates it to needy inhabitants of Todtnau at that time the sum of over 20.000 Marks, substantial for conditions.

On 22 January 1951 Karl Nessler in Harrington park (new jersey, the USA) dies.


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