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KAL on-line one is a Korean MMORPG such as World OF Warcraft, Dark Age OF Camelot or Ultima on-line one. But in contrast to the plays specified above the English-language KAL on-line is free. To playing needed, at present about 292 MT large installation file can directly on the manufacturer side be downloaded. One can use the Downloadzeit already to provide itself a play account.

The player can select on the European server at present between the classes Magier (Mage), elbow contactor (Archer) and knight (Knight).

Play process

The special at an on-line play is the interaction with other players. So one can fight also in KAL on-line ones alone before itself and try to solve the tasks (Quests), assigned per level. After a while however different factors step into the foreground. Instead of ascending occasional boring Leveln, thus the pure fight over in the play level, one is occupied more with its fellow players. Thus one closes a party for example with maximally six other players, in order to go together on adventure hunt. If one looks for durably support and co-operation, one can occur also a Gilde. In a good Gilde the members stand then for each other in, help themselves with the solution of tasks and to celebrate common victories. If the Gilde reached the level 4 - to be needed a certain number of members, experience and naturally a Geons, which with KAL on-line one valid currency - can the Gilde in the weekly Gildenkrieg take part. With the Gildenkrieg several Gilden united in alliances begin against each other, in order to conquer a castle. The winners signs fame and the profits from tax receipts those as desired to become to be able (85%-115%).


According to manufacturer the play is financed over the sales by additional articles. These are however not in principle necessary for playing - the Client to the play is free. The play KAL on-line one can cost without additional to be played.

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