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The Kaiser's Tengelmann AG with seat in Viersen is a German supermarket chain, which belongs to the entrepreneurial group Tengelmann.

The enterprise is represented with 718 branches in four regions in Germany: In the region Berlin and in the region north Rhine operates it supermarkets under the name Kaiser's, in the Rhine Main Neckar area and in the region Munich/Upper Bavaria under the name Tengelmann.


Kaiser's 1971 ago

The "Kaiser's coffee business AG" decreases/goes back on Josef emperor, who occurs in the year 1880 in the age of 18 years the parental colonial goods business Viersen. At that time Kaffeebohnen were bought usually still emperors discover this as market gap and offer roasted coffee.

The first branch is opened 1885 in Duisburg. The enterprise constantly grows, in the year 1887 takes place the establishment of a branch in Berlin, 1897 the establishment of a branch in Heilbronn. 1904 to Firmenlogo (coffee pot), used today, the opens the 1000ste branch, 1939 reaches the number of the branches also over 1900 their highest level. In the Second World War about 40% of the branches are destroyed.

In the post-war period first the branch network is again developed. In the year 1950 the enterprise founder Josef Kaiser.1952 dies Kaiser's coffee business into a corporation is converted, in the same year in Duisburg the first self-service business the Kaiser's coffee business AG by the entrepreneurial group Tengelmann taken over.

Tengelmann 1971 ago

The retail trade under the name Tengelmann is the "germ cell" of the today's entrepreneurial group Tengelmann, history the Emil Tengelmann GmbH is therefore identical to the history of the entrepreneurial group to a large extent, sees there. The first branch under the name Tengelmann is opened to 1893 in Duesseldorf, the first self-service business 1953 in Munich.

Kaiser's and Tengelmann before the unification

Beginning of the 90's develops the Kaiser's coffee business AG by the assumption of branches of the GDR chain HO their branch network in East Germany.

In the year 1996 the entrepreneurial group Tengelmann structures its supermarket sections over: So far Kaiser's and Tengelmann with own in each case market appearance were represented in completely Germany, now are the Kaiser's coffee business AG only in the north, which operate Emil Tengelmann GmbH only in the south of Germany. In South Germany thereupon all Kaiser's branches into Tengelmann branches, converted into Northern Germany all Tengelmann branches into Kaiser's branches. To locking it does not come.

In the same year the Kaiser's coffee business AG of the German self-service purchase AG transfers 142 branches of the supermarket chain estimate flax to North Rhine-Westphalia.

Unification and reorganization

End of the 90's-years leads the price fight in the food retail trade at the entrepreneurial group Tengelmann to losses. She communicates therefore in the year 1999 to want to sell their supermarkets Kaiser's and Tengelmann. Preliminaries with the Edeka over the assumption that more than 1300 branches fail at that time, since the Edeka is to have been interested only in the assumption of profitable locations. Finally the entrepreneurial group decides to keep their supermarket chains in principle nevertheless itself however on the four "central areas" Berlin, north Rhine, to concentrate Rhine Main Neckar and Munich in whom the market share of the Kaiser's and/or Tengelmann business is particularly high.

Thereupon in the year 2000 approximately 550, thus well a third of the branches, is sold closed or converted into plus branches, since they lie outside of the "central areas". In the remaining Kaiser's and Tengelmann branches one makes changes in the assortment at the same time and carries out a new, Common market Market. In the course its is integrated first also the trade mark A&P in the names and the appearance of the supermarkets: From Kaiser's "A&P Kaiser's" becomes, from Tengelmann "A&P Tengelmann", which replaces past symbols of the markets (coffee pot with Kaiser's, representative "T" with Tengelmann) by the A&P Logo. This measure is later no longer continued to pursue however already short time and/or cancelled again.

The moreover Kaiser's and Tengelmann are organizational united and the logistics structures to the new branch network structure are adapted. In the year 2001 one carries out this unification with the fusion of the Kaiser's coffee business AG and the Emil Tengelmann GmbH to the Kaiser's Tengelmann AG also legally.


Kaiser's Tengelmann offers a delivery service since 1997 in Berlin and Munich. The customers have by telephone to order thereby the possibility from one approximately 2300 articles comprehensive supermarket assortment via Internet or goods and get these home supplied.

Since 2005 Kaiser's Tengelmann operates five so-called ""… irresistibly for the time being freshly" - branches. It concerns supermarkets, which apart from a again arranged goods presentation an extended assortment at "freshness" - offer to products such as fruit and vegetable, meat, fish, baking goods and dairy products.

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