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Julius William Zincgref, gelegentl. also Zinkref and Zengravius, (* 3. June 1591 in Heidelberg; "† 12 November 1635 in pc. Goar) was a German poet, saying poet and a publisher.


The Zincgref born as a son of a advice studied since 1607 at the university Heidelberg philosophy, philology and law. Subsequently, it undertook a study trip from 1611 to 1616 by Switzerland, France, England and the Netherlands. After its return 1619 it attained a doctorate in Heidelberg to the Dr. iur.

Here in Heidelberg it followed also the Heidelberger poet circle. When the imperial troops conquered 1622 Heidelberg, Zincgref lost its possession and continued to flee to Frankfurt/Main, later to Strasbourg. In this time the poet circle expired, since itself all members, by which in a forced manner, in security had to bring war.

1624 functioned Zincgref as a publisher for Martin Opitz and its Teut Poemata. As appendix Zincgref published itself not only, but among other things also George Rodolf Weckherlin and Paul Melissus.

After stays in Stuttgart and Worms he became 1632 first land writers in cross after, later in Alzey. After the battle with it fled after pc. Goar on the Rhine. At the age of 44 years Julius William Zincgref died on 12 November 1635 in pc. Goar at the plague.

Zincgrefs Hauptwerk are the Apophthegmata, the Teut scharpfsinnige intelligent (1626-31), a collection of stories, sense sayings, anecdotes and wordplays, which gave many following authors suggestions. In its works it turned against the typically baroque playfulness of the language. Beside its literary work Zincgref mostly appeared as author and a publisher of flight writings, with which he commentated and criticized the current policy. Many its work wrote he under the alias Laurentiades Primnicius.

Works (selection)

  • Collected writings, hrsg. Dieter Mertens and Theodor Verweyen. Bd. 1 FF. 1978 FF. (Reprints of German literature works, n.F. Bd. 28 FF.)
  • Sapientia Picta, which is, artificial ones ingenious Bildnussen and figures, Frankfurt/M. 1624
  • (Hrsg.) Auserlesene of poems of German poets, again hrsg. William brown one, resounds 1879 (reprints of German literature works 15). (Digital reconstruction: UB Bielefeld)


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Work and bibliography

  • Gerhard thin head, "Julius William Zincgref (1591-1635)", in: Personnel bibliographies to the pressures of the baroque, Bd. 6.

Stuttgart: Hiersemann 1993, P. 4356-72 ISBN 3-7772-9305-9

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