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Juan Manuel Fangio (* 24. June 1911 in Balcarce, Argentina; "† 17 July 1995 in Buenos Aires) was an Argentine running driver. It became five times formula 1-Weltmeister. Fangio applies until today as one of the best running drivers of the world. With 51 Grand Prix starts it won 24 times, which as success ratio is unequalled. Its five Formel-1-WM-Titel represented long time a record, which was only over-bid by Michael Schumacher 2003.


Child and Jugendalter

It was born on 24 June 1911 in Balcare as a son of Don Loreto and Herminia Fangio. During its school time it wanted to become dear physician, however it beigesterte ever more for cars and participated themselves soon in public running.

Its school time began, when it was 6 years old and ended, when it became with 11 a Auszubildener in a metal business. Already soon he got a job in an autoworkshop, with which he took up the first time contact to these machines". With that clean and repair the parts acquired he a lifelong fascination for automechanics. With 13 he got a job as a fitter apprentice. To its joy ready this company also racing car forwards, in this way he extended his mechanical knowledge by a multiple. To its tasks also driving on Pick Ups and delivering belonged into neighbouring cities.


Fangio started before the war with Rallye meetings in South America, whereby in an accident its front seat passenger was killed. From now on it drove only alone, also when sports car running into Europe. 1949 came Fangio to Europe and won at first attempt the GP von San Remo 1949. Still in the same year he got a contract with Maserati. For this team it brought in with its M-4CLT, its car at that time, already after short time successes and became certified the Formel-1-Saison 1950. However it drove now for the Alfa Rome EO team.

In the season 1950 it won already three Grand Prixs and became behind Giuseppe Farina vice-world champion.

Already soon it turned out that "El Chueco" was superior, i.e. "the Krummbeinige" despite its nearly 40 years of the competition at fahrerischem being able and tactical fate. Thus it became 1951 on Alfa Romeo with 37 points for the first time world champion, it followed one year obligation break, since it failed because of an accident at the beginning of the season, after this year changed it again Maserati, however it knew a running during this time only decided for itself. Its sharpest competitor in this year was Alberto Ascari, which was with one clearly superior rem Ferrari on the way. He became vice-world champion 1953.

1954 were obligated Fangio of Mercedes Benz as a driver. The new racing cars, with which the return of the work should take place into the Grand Prix sport, became however only the GP of France finished. Since Fangio did not want to risk its chances on the world championship, he started during the first season running in Argentina and Belgium for Maserati. With altogether 6 season victories Fangio became superior for the second time world champion.

Also 1955 pilotierte Fangio Mercedes a W196 and became with 40 points and 4 season victories a third time world champion. To the season end Mercedes withdrew itself racing and Fangio changed to Ferrari Lancia. 1956 it became then with this team the fourth time world champion.

it changed 1957 then again to the Maserati team, with which it then to 5. Times world champion became. In the same year it showed its probably most inspiring achievement on 4 August 1957 with the large price of Germany on the when it by a verpatzten box stop caused one, arrears apparently offering no prospects to its competitors Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins by the fact caught up that it set up a new round record in each following round. Fangio terminated a running as a winner and secured themselves so its fifth WM-title.

it restarted 1958, however only two Grand Prixs drove and communicated its resignation from the engine haven. It participated however further in old timer running, until it died on 17 July 1995 due to renal diseases with 84 in Buenos Aires.

World champion title

  • 1951 on Alfa Romeo
  • 1954 on Mercedes Benz
  • 1955 on Mercedes Benz
  • 1956 on Ferrari
  • 1957 on Maserati

Its formula 1-Karriere in figures

Formula 13. May 1950 GP of largely Britannien, 6. Place
Last running6. July 1958 GP of France, 4. Place
TeamAlfa Romeo (1950 - 1951), Maserati (1953 - 1954), Mercedes (1954 - 1955), Ferrari (1956), Maserati (1957), Scuderia Sud Americana (1958), Privateers (1958)
Number of Grand Prix59 (1950 - 1958)
WM-title1951, 1954 to 1957!
WM-points altogether 243,5
First points21. May 1950 GP of Monaco, 1. Place
Last points21. May 1950 GP of Monaco, 1. Place
Points per start4,13
Guidance rounds1347
Guidance kilometer9315,887
Victories24, record until 1968, then Jim Clark
First victory21. May 1950 GP of Monaco in 2. Run
Last victory4. August 1957 GP of Germany
Second places8
A third place
Podium places33
First podium place21. May 1950 GP of Monaco, 1. Place
Last podium place8. September 1957 GP of Italy, 2. Place
Poles position29
First poles position21. May 1950 GP of Monaco
Last poles position19. January 1958 GP of Argentina
Fastest rounds23
Terminated running44
Terminated running in the points46


  • "One of the best means against is the to tax of a driving car."

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