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John Pierpont Morgan (* 17 April 1837 in hard Ford, Connecticut; "† 31. March 1913 in Rome, Italy) was an US-American entrepreneur and banker.


The son of a banker began 1856 its study at the George August university in Goettingen and was active since 1857 in the bank trade. Since 1860 he worked at Drexler, Morgan & CO in New York town center. Since 1871 was it independently by the establishment one after it designated, starting from 1895 as J.P. Morgan & CO firmierenden banking house, which acquired and reorganized above all marode railway lines. 1900 created Morgan then the Stahltrust United States Steel Corp. to support that 1902 still also English lines of akquirierender Schiffahrtstrust, which were justified internationally Mercantile navy company (IMMC) under participation of German shipping companies.

J.P.Morgan suffered from one of Acne Rosacea disfigured nose and was considered as therefore quite scrubs humans. It lived 219 in the district Murray Hill in New York in a mansion to the Madison Avenue. In the Black lined with black Mahagoni LIBRARY of the house some the most important decisions early 20 became. Century for New York like the USA met. The extensive art and book collection, which ranked among Morgans hobbies, 1924 were brought into a donation, the Pierpont Morgan LIBRARY in New York town center.

The J.P.Morgan & CO were always in the Investmentbanking active and financed various unions of enterprises, among other things the General Electric Comp., and took part in various railway lines in the USA. 1899 was introduced the first European loans at the US market. The banking house fused 2000 with Chase Manhattan Bank.

The largest ever polished sapphire is the "star of India" with a weight of 563.35 carat. The stone found in Sri Lanka was conveyed to 1901 by John Pierpont Morgan to the American museum OF Natural History and can be visited there.

John Pierpont Morgan is the nephew of James lord Pierpont, the composer of the Christmas carol Jingle Bells.


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