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John Gotti (* 27. October 1940, "† 10. July 2002 in Springfield, Missouri, Name "teflon Don", because the accusation to it abzuperlen maintain like to the coat pan) be after aluminium Capone the well-known member the organize crime in the USA.

It was the first Mafioso, which was at full extent present in the media; among other things created it it on title pages of Time magazines, People and New York Time magazines, which became process, in whose process one finally condemned it, commentated by the press in several columns regularly, and the Prozession with its funeral became by numerous television reporters from helicopters filmed.

John Gotti buildup into ozones park (Queens, New York town center). Already early it hit a criminal career. Almost suited for criminals thereby the close JFK airport, whose supplier and depots were expenditure-robbed again and again, was often, because corrupt trade union and awake official were captivated. Gotti ascended thereby rapidly to a respected member of the Gambino clan. Its people were well-known all as drug dealers, which several times to conflicts with Paul Castellano, who Boss of the family led. Aniello Dellacroce, Castellanos second man, supported Gotti. After its death in the year 1985 Gotti as well as Sammy Gravano, a further Gambino gangster, let murder Castellano on open road, and he was intended for its successor.

It led the family only seven years long. Only its influence and the aura of the fear, which surrounded it, prevented Mafiosi from other clan to eliminate it; it was most unpopular in the underworld, since it was almost vernarrt in newspapers and television. He could nearly each evening before the Ravenite club, where its people met, of reporters occasional be filmed, and during many small processes its Bekanntheitsgrad rose still, since he requested the prosecution again and again charismatisch to prove to him nevertheless finally somewhat.

1992 succeeded it finally to accuse it together with Gravano, which had become in the meantime its deputy, and with its Consigliere (= advisor) of murder. Because of Gottis unausstehlichem occurrence in the prison Gravano finally decided to state against its Boss and became thereby the betrayer of the Cosa Nostra, which still increased the immense interest of medium. Because of its statement Gotti was condemned to a lifelong detention. It died in the year 2002 at cancer.

The Gambino clan disintegrated under its son of the same name and under his brother Peter into the 1990er-Jahren fast and today hardly plays more a role.

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