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John Forbes Nash Jr. (* 13. June 1928 in Bluefield, west Virginia) be a American mathematician, which particularly in the range game theory and Differentialgeometrie work have. It is one of the few mathematicians, who received a Nobelpreis (for mathematics no Nobelpreis is lent). The Nobelpreis for economic science was lent to it together with pure hard rare and John Harsanyi 1994 for their achievements in the game theory.

Nash is at the end of of 2001 a broader public by the film A Beautiful Mind admits become, which shows some episodes from its life. The film is the basis the biography of the same name of Sylvia Nasar 1998, dt. 1999); it won 2002 four Oscars.

Nashs life is coined/shaped of large Tragik: After a promising start of its mathematical career it got sick with thirty years at schizophrenia; he recovered only again in the nineties from it.

Today he lives together with his Mrs. Alicia It has a son, John Charles, furthermore a somewhat older son, John David, whose nut/mother is Eleanor bull with it.

Training and career

Between 1945 and 1948 he studied institutes OF Technology in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie. Originally it wanted to become like its father engineer, developed however a large preference for mathematics.

Still in Carnegie its interest in "the negotiation problem began ", whose solution John von Neumann in its book The Theory OF Games and Economic Behavior left open 1944.

It attained a doctorate 1949 to the Princeton University. The work had the title Non cooperative Games and extends the game theory Oskar of morning star and John von Neumanns by the concept of trade. There the bases its are likewise described, what admits later than Nash equilibrium became. For this work the Nobelpreis was lent to it.

After its thesis it turned more to the analysis, in particular the Differentialgeometrie and the partial differential equations. It proved that each Riemann diversity can be embedded ISO-metrically into the Euclidean \ R^n (the imbedding set of Nash). The question, whether it goes was asked by Bernhard Riemann and the opinion into the 1950er years was already that that like that was not. The result of Nash came very unexpectedly and has extensive consequences.

Into the 1960er years he was suggested for the falling DS medal.


In the year 1958 the first signs of its illness became visible. In May 1959 with it a paranoide schizophrenia was diagnosed. Sylvia Nasar according to, which knows its biography well, had Nash anti-Semitic tendencies and was inclined to force outbreaks, which also on a Psychose point kann.1964 became its schizophrenia so strongly that he had to be in-supplied for longer time to a psychiatric hospital. During the next 20 years this happened again and again. In the consequence of its illness 1996 did not appear any publications of it between 1966 and.

Sexual adjustment

The Reporterin and Nash Biographin Sylvia Nasar after, Nash experienced homoerotische kinds of play. This fact is to have cost it to 1954 its working premises.

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