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Johann Salomo Christoph Schweigger (* 8 April 1779 in attaining; "† 6 September 1857 in resounds to the Saale) was a German physicist and chemist.

Schweigger studied first in attaining philosophy with Franz August wolf, could then however by George Friedrich Hildebrandt and Karl Christian Landsdorff to a change into the natural sciences be umstimmen. Its thesis covered a topic from the Oden of Homer. Hereby it habilitierte itself also as a private lecturer.

In October 1803 he was employed as a professor on the High School in Bayreuth and 1811 in Nuremberg at the poly-technical school. Schweigger professor of physics and chemistry in attaining became later. 1819 went to the university resound.

The physical work Schweiggers refers to electrical topics. 1808 it had already designed electrometers for the measurement of the electrical Kraft by the magnetic. Immediately after Oersteds discovery invented Schweigger electromagnetic multiplicator, which bears its name (Schweigger multiplicator).

1811 he took over the publication of the journal for chemistry and physics of Adolf Gehlen. It justified the yearbook for chemistry and physics, which it later the adoptive son of its brother as continuation of this magazine, to who professor of the medicine left Franz William Schweigger Seidel.

Johann Salomo Christoph Schweigger died on 6 September 1857 in resounds to the Saale.


  • Introduction into the mythology on that points of view of the natural science. Resounds (1836)
  • Over scientific Mysterien in their relation to the Litteratur of the antiquity. Resounds (1843)
  • Over the electron of the old persons. Grab forest (1848)
  • Over the stoichiometric rows. Resounds (1853)

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