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Johann Heinrich field (* 1. June 1788 in Wesel, "† 11. May 1877 in Bonn) was a catholic theologian, professor and a publisher.

Figure eight field studied George Hermes' in Cologne and theology as a pupil and was active starting from 1813 as priests in Wesel and Xanten. 1817 became figure eight field professor of theology in brown mountain and starting from 1826 professor for moral theology and Homiletik at the University of Bonn. Since 1827 it led the there Theologenkonvikt at the same time.

1832 created figure eight field as well as Johann brown "the magazine for philosophy and catholic theology "and published between 1834 and 1836 George Hermes' lectures as "Christian-catholic Dogmatik ". As a Pope Gregor XVI. to forbid, recognized figure eight field the condemnation of the hermesianischen instructional system started these 1835 not, so that the line of the Konvikts was extracted from it several times and forbidden lectures to hold. 1843 were placed figure eight field Professur to the arrangement. Only after a deed of submission it was rehabilitated 1862 on the part of the government and 1873 also by the church.

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